Night Hike

Under Darkness

How do animals see at night? Are there more or less sounds at night? What is happening in our eyes as they adjust to darkness? These questions and more can be answered as we get out in the woods under darkness. Join us for a guided Night Hike using headlamps to get us safely away from the lights, then turn them off and let the night come alive.

The Night Sky

Have you ever taken time to study the night sky? Included in the Night Hike will be a teaching opportunity to point out some of the current visible stars and planets, reflecting on the amazing and awesome universe that God has made for us.

Explore the Night

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Night Hike

We will supply you with headlamps, and a guide to help you explore the night. We will stop and do some fun learning activities along the way.


What can we see in the night sky? We will try to find constellations, but most of all be in awe at the expanse of the universe God created for us. (we are not experts in astronomy)


Plan 1 1/2 hours for your night adventure.  Time slots will be based on current sunset hours.


Night Hike – $10 per person – $50 max per family