Put your phone away and learn how to use a map and compass to get where you want/need to go. This will be done on the orienteering course here at camp but can be taken off camp for a bigger experience.

Orienteering is the act of using a topographical map, compass, and physical features of the land to get you where you want to go. Whether you’re an experienced hiker, novice woodsman, or a family or group looking for an activity to get you out in creation, this activity helps you improve your navigation skills wherever you go.

Orienteering can gradually build your map-reading skills from exploring a local city park full of obvious structures to navigating remote terrain with few, if any, man-made features. 

Join us at Camp Chinquapin for a time of learning, exercise, and working together as we explore the grounds and find checkpoints using a map, compass, and control features. We will spend the time needed to teach you and your group how to use a map and compass together to get you where you want to go, Then we will give you the necessary tools to head out on our preset course here at the camp. If you would like to explore further, we have other opportunities to get you into the wilderness on a more difficult course.


All equipment and teaching provided

Basic course time: 1 1/2 hours

Cost: Based on what all you will be doing at camp

Add a boxed lunch or trail snacks