Nature Activities

Learn new things

God created amazing things! We will explore the intricacies of nature as we enjoy the winter season. What was that animal walking around? Where was it going? Why is that snowflake shaped like that? How does its shape affect the snowpack? There are many things we learn about ourselves, others, and God through nature.

Winter is alive!

It may appear like things outdoors are dormant or even absent during the winter season, but there are many things in nature that can be explored and appreciated only in winter. Choose a specific topic or do an overall winter nature study.

Animal Tracking

Snow Science

Are the trees sleeping?

Nature exploration


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Take the time to look around at the natural world around you.  See new things and figure out why they are there.


Where was that coyote going? Is that tree dead? What are there layers in the snow, and what holds them together? These are just a few of the questions that could be answered during a day exploring creation.


Each class is around 1 1/2 hours

Join some topics together for a hybrid program


Each topic – $5 per person – discount for multiple activities