Mackey Wedding Lodging

Please read through and complete the form below for your lodging request.  We will confirm your request with a confirmation if it will work.

Mackey Wedding Lodging Request Form

Camp Chinquapin is a facility that is normally used by groups, yet we do sometimes have individual rentals. It is our goal to be a blessing to the Mackey family and offer housing for wedding guests. We do ask that you read and follow the terms of service below. If you are not able to abide by these, we can suggest other lodging options in the area.
Payment can be made upon arrival by check, cash, or credit card.
• Alcoholic Beverages and Drugs are not allowed on the camp property

• Smoking is not allowed in or around any buildings and must be done safely in accordance with Forest Service fire rules.

• Pets are not allowed in any camp buildings. If you are here for the day or camping, your pet must remain on a leash at all times.

• Quiet hours for Camp Chinquapin and Pinecrest are 10:00pm to 7:00am

• You are responsible for the care and discipline of your family. You will also provide your own first-aid. Please contact camp staff in the case of an emergency for assistance.

• You agree to respect the camp property by maintaining continual cleanliness of the facilities and grounds.

• You waive all claims against Camp Chinquapin -its directors, officers, employees, and members, for damages, from any cause, to property or injuries to persons in, upon, or about the property.

• Check-in/Check-out: Unless prior arrangements have been made, cabins, buildings, and grounds are available at your agreed upon check-in time and must be vacated on or before your agreed upon check-out time.

• You agree to abide by all current COVID-19 policies set in place at the time of your stay. You will be provided with these once your reservation request has been approved.

• If you need extra parking for additional vehicles or trailers, please contact us.

• You will be respectful of others on the grounds, giving them space as well as not overusing camp areas (playground, disc golf, games, picnic tables, etc.)

• You will build, maintain, and extinguish campfires in accordance with Forest Service rules. Please make sure your fire is always attended and is “dead out” before leaving the area.