Family Camp Agreement

Please carefully read through ALL of the following and determine if you will be able to agree to all the current guidelines for your family. Family Camp will be a special time even with these guidelines, yet we understand if you are not able to come this year, and would welcome you back in 2022.

Process for coming to Family Camp in 2021

• Agree that you will communicate to each family member and follow the below State guidelines while at Camp Chinquapin

•Fill out the Registration Form for your desired session and housing

• Receive confirmation and return with deposit to hold your spot. Final payment is due upon arrival at Chinquapin.

Camp Chinquapin Summer 2021 Operating Procedures for Family Camp 

Due to the unique and special nature of summer camps where we live, eat, sleep, and play in close proximity to one another; and given that vaccines are not available to children of all ages; and each group will be a mix of vaccinated/unvaccinated individuals, the state and local health departments require the implementation of multiple prevention strategies to slow the spread of COVID-19 in order to protect vulnerable and/or unvaccinated campers and staff.

We will be operating under the following procedures and ask for compliance from all camp guests during your stay at Camp Chinquapin from June 1 thru September 30, 2021.

Health screening

• It is strongly recommended that each unvaccinated camper consider a 10-day pre-arrival quarantine – where unnecessary travel or social gatherings outside of your household are avoided, and where you would physically distance and where a mask when outside of your home.

• No sooner than 48 hours prior to your arrival at Camp Chinquapin, each camper will be required to monitor for symptoms of and exposure to COVID-19 and submit a simple online screening from that is provided on our website. 

• Each camper’s health will be monitored daily for well-being during the camp session, including temperature checks. This will need to be done by Camp Chinquapin staff. The screening forms will need to be submitted daily.

• If there are any signs of sickness, this will need to be communicated immediately to the Camp Director for further steps.

• CDPH recommends staff and campers that are not fully vaccinated should get tested 3-5 days after your time at camp, and quarantine for 7 days after travel home.

Group cohorts/Households

• Your family will be assigned to a specific cohort of no more than 16 people–- that will remain together for the entire camp session. These assignments will be done by the Camp Chinquapin staff according to numbers and requests.

• Camp activities, meals, and sleeping will be done within your household/cohort.

• These cohorts will be your “safe zone,” and when together will not need to mask or distance, unless around other households/cohorts.

• These cohort assignments will be communicated prior to your arrival at Camp Chinquapin.


• Masks will be required OUTDOORS anytime 6-foot physical distancing cannot be maintained.

• Masks will be required INDOORS at all times, except when actively eating or drinking or when inside your own housing unit, with your own household/cohort.

• If gathering with a group of mixed vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals, masks will be required by all individuals.

• Campers should bring their own supply of clean, well-fitting masks. We recommend 1 mask per day that you are at camp.


• Since all our summer groups are a mixed of vaccinated and unvaccinated people, ALL guest will be required to follow unvaccinated guidelines.

• If you are solely with your own household or cohort, indoors or outdoors, masks are not required.


• All cabins will be limited to same-household/cohort use.

• Beds will be arranged to allow for increased physical distancing and cabins may have decreased occupancy. (check housing charts)

• Cabins will have increased ventilation.

• Do not share personal items and keep each camper’s belongings separated from others.

• While in your own cabin, masks are not required.

Physical Distancing

• At least 6-feet physical distancing will need to be maintained both indoors and outdoors:

o Except when within your own household/cohort.

o When inside your own housing unit.

Group Gathering

• All gathering of groups (outside of your own household/cohort) will take place OUTDOORS, except for meals (see below) either in the outdoor chapel, picnic area, or the amphitheater.

• 6′ Physical distancing must be maintained between households/cohorts.

• Outside visitors or guests not registered for the camp are restricted, except for when dropping off or picking up campers.

Dining/Food Service

• The Dining Hall will only be open during specified meal times.

• Food/beverage service will be a modified buffet-style but will not be self-service. Trained camp staff will serve food/beverages to campers.

• Self-serve areas are closed, and the dining hall will not be open to campers outside of meal times.

• Physical distancing and masks will be required while in the food/beverage line.

• Assigned seating will be within households/cohorts, with physical distancing between tables.

• Table assignments will remain the same throughout the camp session.

• Staggering meal times may be necessary for larger groups.

• Handwashing/sanitizing will be required before entering the dining hall.

Camp Activities

• Camp games and activities will be enjoyed OUTDOORS, within households/cohorts as much as possible.

• If camp games or activities are between other households/cohorts, masks and physical distancing will be required (such as gaga ball, playground, group games, relays.)

• Times/usage of shared spaces may be staggered– including game areas, playground equipment to promote physical distancing between cohorts/households.

• If traveling off camp property during your camp session (to Pinecrest Lake, hiking, etc.) all the same guidelines apply. Please also consider maintaining distance from the general public to protect yourself and others to prevent spread of virus. When arriving back at camp, properly wash hands.


• All campers are asked to use proper handwashing or sanitizing while at camp.

• Please ensure handwashing/sanitizing before entering the dining hall for meals, after camp activities, when entering housing units.

• Additional handwashing/sanitizing areas will be available throughout the camp facility.


• Camp staff will be frequently cleaning and disinfecting all shared spaces during the camp session.

• All housing units will remain unoccupied for 24 hours between groups and thoroughly cleaned and disinfected during that time.


• Signage will be posted in highly visible areas to promote a healthy camp environment.

• Please positively communicate the camp’s operating guidelines to your household so they know what will be expected of them.

• We will have a designated staff person (camp nurse or other healthcare provider) for responding to any of the group’s health and safety concerns, including COVID-19.

• All campers should know who this person is and be able to contact them when needed.

• Any COVID-19 concerns, symptoms will need to be immediately reported to the Camp Director.

If someone gets sick

• Camp Chinquapin will have an Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) in place in the case of COVID-19 symptoms, exposure, suspected, or confirmed cases. This will include managing any cases, isolation, and quarantine.

• Cabin #3 will be kept vacant and available for isolation and quarantine in the case of any camper exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms.

• Transportation away from camp of the person in question will need to be arranged by the family within the first 24 hours of symptoms.

• Any area(s) that the sick person has used will be closed off until after thorough cleaning and disinfecting.

• Camp Chinquapin staff will notify local health officials, staff, and families immediately of any suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, while maintaining confidentiality in accordance with state and local laws and regulations following the school guidance for dealing with a suspected or confirmed case.

• All close contacts with the camper diagnosed with COVID-19 will be advised to quarantine, self-monitor for symptoms and follow health department guidance if symptoms develop following the school guidance for dealing with a suspected or confirmed case.

• Public Health requires closure of all camp operations if these criteria are met:

o a. Within a 14-day period, outbreaks have occurred in 25% of more of the cohorts OR

o b. Within a 14-day period, at least 3 outbreaks have occurred and more than 5% of campers are infected OR

o c. Tuolumne County has determined closure of the camp is warranted for other reasons, including results from public health investigation or other epidemiological data

• Length of closure = 14 days, or according to a decision made in consultation with Tuolumne County. All closure should be made in consultation with Tuolumne County.