Before coming to camp, please understand we are operating under the following  updated guidelines:

·     In the last 14 days, if anyone in your household has been sick, or has been around anyone that has been sick, please do not come to camp at this time. If you have any symptoms of illness while you are at camp, please immediately communicate this to the camp staff, and prepare to leave camp at that time.

·     In the last 14 days, if anyone in your household has exhibited COVID-19 symptoms or been in contact with anyone exhibiting those symptoms, please do not come to camp at this time. 

·     In order to monitor gathering sizes, reservations are required to come to camp, including day-use. Reservation requests will be confirmed after checking the current schedule.

·     Current guidelines are to recreate with your own household and to maintain physical distances with others.  Recent changes now allow up to 3 household to recreate together.

·     Same-household cabin rentals and camping are only allowed at this time. You may come to camp with friends and other households (up to 3), but you must be in different housing

·     When enjoying camp activities, please maintain proper physical distance.

·     Parents will need to be sure your family is following the guidelines by supervising your children.

·     In order to maintain sanitization, plan to bring everything you will need for your time at camp.  

·     The Dining Hall will be closed to all guests until gathering numbers are adjusted. Pre-order food options are available, please see our website for details!

·     Soap/water and/or hand sanitizer will be available in all buildings and main outdoor activity areas. Protect yourself and others by using them often.

·     Masks ARE NOT required when outdoors and when you are able to maintain physical distance with others outside of your household. Masks ARE required if you go to any area businesses.