Chinquapin Adventures

Chinquapin Adventures uses God’s creation to encourage people to get outside and see Him in a new way. Opportunities abound and range from one-hour to all-day experiences that can be tailored to your group’s needs and abilities. Inquire about availability and prices.   


  Hiking  – Endless opportunities abound in the Stanislaus National Forest surrounding Camp Chinquapin for miles of hiking. Time frames can range from less-than-an-hour to all-day. We will pick a hike that will best suit your family or group’s abilities and timeframe.

  Orienteering  – Put your phone away and learn how to use a map and compass to get where you want/need to go. This will be done on the orienteering course here at camp but can be taken off camp for a bigger experience.  

Teambuilding Activities  – Dispose of atomic waste, make your way through a grid, or figure out how to juggle several objects at a time. This is a time for your group to work through some challenges together and figure out what it takes to work well with the people around you. We will work with you to utilize your group’s specific needs and goals with the activities chosen and will provide time for trained debrief.  

Micro Adventure Take a closer look at the details right around us. When we take time to slow down and look, we will see a micro world designed by God in amazing detail. Adding to a hike away from camp or right outside our doors, we will look together at these details, pointing you to the heart of God.  

Nature Study We will work with your group to explore specific topics in Nature. Depending on your time frame, we will dig deeper into a few aspects of God’s amazing creation.  

Survival Skills If you are lost in the mountains and will have to survive with limited supplies, are you prepared to do it? Take a look at basic survival skills in this hands-on experience. Can be paired well with an orienteering excursion.  

Animal Tracking Investigate signs of creatures in and around camp. Find and identify animal tracks and figure out why they were there and what they were doing.  

The Col Utilizing the natural geological features of to the Sierra, take a focused guided hike and stop along the way to talk about these features and how they apply to our lives. Come to a stream crossing and discuss the things in our lives that are challenging and require courage. Hike up a steep incline and turn around to see where we came from – share together the joys of endurance and the promises of God in difficult times.  A powerful excursion to take with a chosen group of people.  

Nature/Spiritual Journaling Does being in God’s creation draw you in? Does it cause you to wonder and give praise to God? We will take you on a walk/hike, dependent on your needs and time frame, that will provide opportunities to wonder as we wander. Clear your mind, open your eyes, and spend time seeking and listening to God. A simple journal and guidance will be provided.  

On Your Own Adventures Let us help you create your own adventure! We can give you suggestions on where to go, as well as set you up with the gear you need. Gear rental prices are available upon request.  


Wildflowers Explore the wildflowers of the Sierra. Wildflowers come out at different times from year to year based on temperatures and snow, this excursion will have to be scheduled accordingly. If you are willing to travel away from camp, we can usually find wildflowers in different areas.  

Mountain Biking From a gentle ride down an abandoned railway to the extreme Pinecrest Peak trail, there are trails for all abilities a short distance from camp. You will need to provide your own bike/helmet capable of the type of trails you would like to ride. We have some helmets, if needed.  

Rock Climbing Travel a short distance from camp for some great single-pitch rock climbing. We will choose an area best suited to your group’s ability and time frame. Also available, stay at camp and learn the basics of rock climbing on a bolted boulder.  All equipment and trained staff will be provided.  

Paint Ball Test your accuracy and skill with Wrist-Rocket Paintball. Head across the river to the paintball course where there are bunkers, rocks, and trees to hide behind. Our staff will lead your group through different scenarios, subbing in people as you change games. We provide sling shots, masks, and paintballs. Wear old clothes that can get paint on them – though it usually washes out!    


Snowshoeing Head into the beauty of the newly fallen snow and see how much different the mountains and woods look in the winter! We will provide you with snowshoes and poles to get out and explore. Snowshoes strap onto any type of boot or shoe.  

Cross Country Skiing Want to get out further in the winter? Bring your cross-country skis or rent some from Dodge Ridge Ski Area. We will take you and your group out into the snow-covered mountains for a wonderful winter experience. Our staff will teach you how to ski and take you on trails that fit your skills and abilities.  

Winter Shelter/Igloo Making Spend some time in the snow creating a shelter that will get you out of the weather and keep you surprisingly warm at the same time. The amount of snow and your time frame will determine what type of shelter we will construct.  

Snow Science Why does snow pile up? Why do snowballs stick together, or sometimes fall apart? What makes an avalanche happen? Are there different types of snowflakes? Answer these questions and more as we take a look at the intricacies of snow and God’s amazing design in nature.