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You must order at least 24 hours in advance. A confirmation email will be sent confirming your requested pickup date and time.


Boxed Lunch for the Trail

Cost: $10.00 Adults / $8.00 Kids(10 and under) - Includes: Sandwich choice, bagged chips, Fruit, Cookie, bottled water, condiments, silverware/napkin pack. Packed in box or a ziplock for backpack - *If you need more than 6 lunches, please fill out a second form*


Trail Snacks

Cost: $4.00 per pack -Includes: Granola Bar, piece of fruit, cheese stick, meat stick, fruit snacks - Packed in ziplock for backpack - Choose options when you arrive for pickup


Special Drinks

Choose a special drink to take with you on your adventure or enjoy when you return!


Campfire Treats

Cost: $12.00/pack (Serves 4) Includes: Choice of pack, silverware/napkin pack, Use of Roasting Sticks


Hot Food Options - Choose your meal: Soup and Salad, Taco Bar, Pizza

Cost: $24.00 (serves 2), $48.00 (serves 4), $72.00 (serves 6) Includes: Full meal and beverages, dishes and serving utensils (all disposable) ready for your enjoyment


We will accept Cash, Check, or Credit Card upon pick up. Cash or Check only for delivery. Please make Checks payable to CrossPoint Community Church.
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