Readiness Check List

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Most Accurate Count at This Time:

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Arrival Time: 3:00pm
Please indicate the desired arrival time of your setup crew:

Check-Out Time: 11:00am

Recommended Meal Times: Please indicate if you'd prefer different times. Also please indicate below if there are any Allergies.

If you want boxed lunches, enter dates:

Noise Curfew: 10:00pm (initial here)
All groups must respect local ordinances and cease all loud outside activities after 10 pm.

Please check the cabins you will be using.

Deluxe Cabins - sleep 35 (Full Kitchen, Bathroom & Shower)
 Stellar Jay - sleeps 8 Woodpecker - sleeps 9 Calliope - sleeps 9 Tanager - sleeps 9

Convenience Cabins - sleep 54 (Refrigerator, Microwave, Bathroom & Shower)
 #5 - sleeps 8 #7 - sleeps 8 #8 - sleeps 8

 #11 - sleeps 10 #12 - sleeps 10 #13 - sleeps 10

Standard Cabins - sleep 40 (Bathrooms and Showers Nearby)
 #3 - sleeps 8 #4 - sleeps 8 #6 - sleeps 8 #9 - sleeps 4 #10 - sleeps 6 Hummingbird - sleeps 6

Cabin #2 and The Old Lodge are available by request only. They are often used for volunteers and staff. Please call for more information.

RV and Tent Sites
Number of RV Sites Needed (9 available)
Check here if you will be using any tent areas  Yes

Would you like to choose the essential dining option and leave the juice/soda fountains on outside of meal times for an extra $1 per person?  Yes No

Would you like us to provide communion supplies?  Yes No
Date: Time:
Grape juice and communion wafers in trays will be provided.

Do you have any Food Allergies or special requests?

Chinquapin Adventures

Disarm a time bomb, assist your team in crossing an alligator-infested swamp, move some nuclear waste. These are just a few of the challenges that you ad your group will encounter as you build your team. As one of our trained facilitators works with your group, you will be challenged to trust, communicate and work together in ways you never thought possible.

Would you like to participate in our team building program?  Yes No
Number of Participants:
Cost: Based on groups needs, Contact us.

Wrist Rocket Paintball
Test your skill and agility as you join us in this new exciting paintball experience. You may have played paintball with traditional markers, but have you tried paintball using Wrist Rocket Slingshots? We can offer your group several scenarios when you choose to play. Don't worry, it's still a fast game and the paintballs can still hurt. All equipment provided.

Would you like to play paintball?  Yes No
Cost: Contact us

This sports equipment will be available during your stay
Basketball, Disc Golf, Volleyball, Tetherball, Horseshoes, GAGA Ball

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