About Us

Camp Chinquapin is a non-profit Christian camp dedicated to the service of Jesus Christ and His Church. As a ministry of CrossPoint Community Church, Chinquapin serves the church’s members and friends as well as other churches and groups promoting the cause of Christ who wish to program camps or conferences of their own. Rules for participation in this camp are the same for everyone, without regard to race or national origin.

To reflect the core values of the church, which are

  1. to love God with all of our heart, soul, mind and strength,
  2. to love one another as Jesus loves us and
  3. to love people lost from Christ.

The responsibility of the workers at Chinquapin is to not only facilitate the running of the camp, but to create an atmosphere where people can meet with God while at the camp. Attitude goes a long way toward showing people we are servants ready to meet every need, eliminate distractions and thus create an atmosphere where people can meet with God.